University of Liechtenstein

Ramkhamhaeng University Bangkok - Institute of International Studies

University of Innsbruck

  • WS 2010, SS 2011, WS 2011: Investition und Finanzierung - EVALUATION REPORTS SS11 and WS10

MCI Innsbruck

  • WS 2017: Die Empirie von Kapitalmärkten (MBA)
  • WS 2012: Global IT Markets (MSc)

Thesis Topics

General Area of Thesis Supervision: Empirical Finance, Quantitative Finance, Risk Management, Parameter and Model Uncertainty, Forecasting Open Topics: Seminars (e.g. Seminar in finance) Brexit and abnormal stock returns. Other explanatory variables for cross-sectional variation in abnormal returns. See here Political cycles/Political uncertainty: State of Research & Empirics Ambiguity/Parameter Uncertainty and Real Option Portfolios Betting against Beta or Betting against Correlation? AQR Topics: any choice of papers/perspective could be a nice foundation for a seminar paper!