What Drives Our Beer Consumption? - In Search of Nutrition Habits and Demographic Patterns


Conventional wisdom claims: pork hocks with sauerkraut and beer. But is it really that simple? In an unbalanced cross-country panel covering 169 nations and time-series records of up to 52 years we analyze drivers behind beer consumption. Based on data gathered from Worldbank and Faostat, we run multivariate panel regressions and test for the explanatory power of three categories of food and six macroeconomic and demographic variables. Indeed, we confirm most clichés of a typical beer drinker being a middle-aged urbanite with a strong desire for pork and potatoes, however, disliking cheese and wine.

Applied Economics, 51(41)
Sebastian Stöckl
Sebastian Stöckl
Assistant Professor in Financial Economics (tenure-track)

My research interests include Financial and Economic Uncertainty as well as Empirical Asset Pricing.